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REV32 isn't your typical cut-and-paste weight loss program. You’ll start with assessing your metabolism, then your REV32 Coach will tailor a fitness and nutrition plan based on your needs and lifestyle. You'll exercise in a small group setting to draw motivation from others as everyone works towards a similar goal. Designed to optimize metabolism, burn fat, and increase lean muscle mass, REV32's progression-based, results-driven approach has changed the lives of more than 1,500 people. See how REV32 can transform you.


Start losing weight with REV32 a fitness program at The Studio.

dedicated trainers

Be coached by fitness experts who have helped hundreds of others get in shape.


tailored workout

Meet your goals through workouts designed specifically for you.

nutrition plan

Follow a meal plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle.



Be part of a cohesive, motivated group working toward similar goals.


Nutrition tracking, four weekly workouts, and REV32 coaches will keep you on track.



See noticeable, sustainable results in how you look and how you feel.



REV-Up for the NEW YEAR!
New Session Begins January 7

As a kid, I was never super skinny, but I wasn’t overweight either. Eventually, “life happened” and, after finishing grad school, all of my time became consumed with the usual grind and made no time to take care of myself. I put everything before me: job, home, and my kids. Somehow, my annual physical exam and tests came out aces — my physician even said I had the heart rate of an Olympic athlete! So for years I convinced myself that I was just fat on the outside but fit on the inside.



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