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Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown

Group Fit Instructor

Email Address: 
[email protected]

Your Fitness Specialty: 
Dancing, Lifting, Running

Favorite “Pump-You-Up” Song(s):
"Club Can't Handle Me" by Pitbull

Your Favorite Go-To Exercise: 
A long intense run of varying speeds and elevations

What’s Your Secret Talent?:  
I have an incredible memory


Sabrina Elizabeth Brown is a Pediatric Nurse by night and teaches the oh so fun U-Jam Fitness and Body Sculpt at the Studio by day! She considers herself to be a homegrown dance fitness product as I started my fitness journey two and half years ago right around the corner at ClubSport Pleasanton. When she joined ClubSport, she was a very unhappy, unconfident graduate student who weighed in at 247 pounds. In an attempt to exercise somewhat anonymously she walked into her first U-Jam class in June 2010 and has never been the same since. Dance fitness saved her life. If it were not for U-Jam and Zumba she would have given up on fitness altogether and probably would not be standing here today, healthy and 114.2 pounds lighter. Sabrina wants to continue to inspire men, women, and children to never give up, follow their passions and to be happy, healthy people. Dance brings out a joy in you that she does not believe any other fitness activity brings so come take some time and rock out with her on the dance floor and leave with lots of sweat and lots of smiles! Sabrina is AFFA certified and certified in lots of formats including Aqua Fitness, Prenatal Fitness, and Group Resistance Training.








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